11 Best Mailshake Alternatives For Efficient Cold Email Outreach

Stuart Laurie
December 16, 2022

Mailshake is one best cold email automation tools but it is not for everyone. Thus, most marketers are continuously searching and using the Mailshake alternatives. If you are too seeking an alternative solution then this post is for you.

Though Mailshake is very popular among email marketers, it’s high pricing and difficult customization are the reasons to find Mailshake alternatives. There are lots of alternative tools that provide better service at low price. These practical tools can help your email campaign grow significantly.

Tools like SendFlock is a better option to choose. It charges less than Mailshake and has everything a sales team would want. SendFlock has features like email warmup, automatic personalized follow-up sequence, dedicated CRM, and unified inbox at $39.

What Is Mailshake?


Mailshake is a sales engagement cold outreach platform that modern sales teams can use to scale their personalized cold email sending. With Mailshake, you can set tasks to engage with prospects via phone and social media, all in one sequence, on one dashboard. Mailshake has native integrations to Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and 3rd party integrations to thousands of apps.

Features Of Mailshake:

  • Personalized cold emailing.
  • 50 pre-written email templates.
  • Automate your email communications.
  • Custom tracking domains
  • Email warm-up.
  • Two-way integration with sales CRM like Pipedrive, HubSpot.
  • Tracking sales team actions and prospect responses.
  • Pulling CRM data to populate and personalize sales outreach.
  • A/B testing within follow-up email copies.
  • Call scheduling by integrating with calendar software.
  • Provides sales dialer functionality by integrating with Aircall.

Cons Of Mailshake:

  • The account setup of Mailshake for email campaigns is clunky and a little bit tedious.
  • You can only send a limited number of emails per day via this platform.
  • Doesn't have the option to handle a couple of accounts through one Sign In.
  • Compared to its competitor, Mailshake is expensive.
  • Doesn't have a refund option against any cancellation or un-subscription.
  • Mailshake has the most strict spam compliance which ends up marking potential emails as spam.
  • The CRM system is very poor.
  • The payment works on billing annually.

Mailshake Pricing Plan:

Mailshake offers two plans. Email Outreach at $58/month per user and Sales Engagement at $83/month per user. And the Agency plan is custom.

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11 Best Mailshake Alternatives

There are lots of tools that are Mailshake alternative. But can all of them provide satisfaction? Considering usability and pricing, we have made a list of the 9 best alternatives for Mailshake.

1. SendFlock


SendFlock is the best Mailshake alternatives. It is an all-in-one cold email platform that helps you to send personalized emails, track the sending emails, and automatically follow up the feedback. It also has with the merge inbox and CRM integration.

Features Of SendFlock:

  • Email Warm-Up.
  • Automatic Follow Up Sequences.
  • Conditional Based Follow-Up.
  • A/B Testing.
  • Unified Team Inbox.
  • Built-in CRM.
  • Email Rotating.
  • Workflow Automation.
  • Email Tracking.
  • Multiple Custom Domains.
  • Zapier Integration.

Pros Of SendFlock:

  • Email warm-up with three different warm-up methods.
  • Manage all your email accounts in one place with a unified inbox.
  • You can choose to add a personal message to the follow-up emails you send.
  • CRM that is easy to use.
  • Workflow automation can help you to get your work done faster.
  • You can add as many team members as you want.
  • Add a custom domain to your account and can track how many people open and click on the emails you send.
  • With A/B Testing, you can test different versions of your emails to see which ones people like better
  • You can use this tool with Zapier and other tools. You can use it on one account.
  • Many options for automated follow-up sequences.

Cons Of SendFlock:

  • No tutorial for beginners.
  • Some of the features are still upcoming.

SendFlock Pricing Plan:

SendFlock price is only $39/month. Best features at a low cost with 24/7 real-time customer support team.

2. Lemlist


Lemlist is considered Mailshake alternatives because of its features and benefits. If you’re a small business owner, Lemlist is the perfect software to use for streamlining your lead generation activities. It is one of the best tools among other email outreach tools. It lets users send cold emails with ease and it can usually help SaaS companies get more customers by targeting prospective clients who are interested in what they offer right away!

Features Of Lemlist:

  • Send personalized email.
  • Email warm-up via Lemwarm.
  • Custom domain tracking is available.
  • Automated email follow-up sequence.
  • Simple email scheduling and link tracking are available.
  • liquid syntax to create unique subject lines using various prospects.
  • Integrate your CRM system with tools like Pipedrive, Axonaut, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.
  • Provides integration with various other first-generation products, like Uplead, Bouncer. Dropcontact, and Leadfuze.

Pros Of Lemlist:

  • Highly interactive and engaging email templates.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Lemwarm increases email deliverability.
  • Beginners tutorials available.
  • integrate with multiple channel leads.

Cons Of Lemlist:

  • Buggy software for a high price.
  • No free offer.
  • UX isn't intuitive.
  • System can be down during your working process.
  • Poor customer experience.

Lemlist Pricing Plan:

Instead of price plans, Lemlist offers 3 basic services and an additional Lemwarm service. Here are the prices for each service -

  • $59/month on Email Outreach plan.
  • $99/month on the Sales Engagement plan.
  • Custom plan for Agency.

3. Woodpecker


You can improve your sales opportunities by using Woodpecker to send emails directly to your primary inbox. With its easy-to-use interface, you only have to create your campaign once. Plus, it's free for up to 50 emails! In addition, you can automate email content and follow-ups as well as perform A/B testing.

Features Of Woodpecker:

  • Email personalization for each email
  • Email warm-up to reach prospect’s inbox.
  • A/B testing for email copies.
  • Sequential automation on email follow-up.
  • Campaign management
  • Contact list integration
  • Snippet-based conditions
  • Lead nurturing, prospecting tools, and lead scoring
  • Lead segmentation

Pros Of Woodpecker:

  • Easy to use the tool.
  • Customer support is very helpful.
  • There is always upgrade going on with incoming features.
  • Automated email campaigns are nice.

Cons Of Woodpecker:

  • No email attachment options are available while mass email sending.
  • The cost is more expensive than the majority of other email marketing platforms.
  • The tool is very slow.
  • The customer support is not ideal. Hard to get a quick response.
  • Email warm-up is not very effective as email land in the prospects spam folder.
  • Difficult to connect with third-party software.

Woodpecker Pricing Plan:

Woodpecker offers three different pricing plans- Cold Email, Sales Automation, and Agency. All the plans are billed monthly. The yearly plans are much cheaper.

  • Cold Email pricing plan starts at $49 for 1500 contacts.
  • Sales Automation pricing plan at $59 for 1500 contacts.
  • Agency plan at $54 for 1500 contacts, $59 for 6000 contacts.

4. Outreach.io

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Outreach is a sales engagement platform that’s designed to help businesses and their teams close deals quicker, more consistently, and with greater accuracy. Outreach.io is considered Mailshake alternatives and it totally over takes Mailshake. It is a sales platform provider that helps companies increase productivity and drive smarter engagement with their customers. The company's technology has been recognized by Forbes magazine as well as the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list, which includes only enterprise-scale vendors from around the globe!

Features Of Outreach.io:

  • Contact Data Availability
  • Contact Data Accuracy
  • Integration to CRM/Marketing Automation
  • Lead Builder
  • Reporting/Dashboards
  • Enables integration into external systems
  • Activity Tracking
  • A/B testing is available.
  • Pre-built templates
  • Monitor team progress
  • Real-time call recording and transcription.
  • Call scheduler to book a demo call with a customer.

Pros Of Outreach.io:

  • A great tool to reach out to sales prospects.
  • Improves sale performance by using machine learning.
  • Create automated sequences for efficient lead generation.
  • Integrate all your sales tools and CRM activities into one platform.
  • For better engagement analyze sales process insights.

Cons of Outreach.io:

  • The interface is confusing.
  • The email plugin requires reconnection every so often
  • Difficult to import a list from Salesforce or another source.
  • Impossible to opt-in any of the opt-out contacts, so you must manually send emails through Gmail.
  • Cannot make visually appealing emails with it.
  • Cannot edit your own template.
  • Analytics dashboard is challenging to comprehend.

Outreach Pricing Plan:

Outreach.io offers a monthly fee for their services which starts at $130 per user and can vary depending on how many seats are needed by your company or organization.

5. Vocus.io

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One of the best Mailshake alternatives is Vocus.io. In contrast to Mailshake, Vocus' email outreach operating system lets you create multi-step, peaceful, and democratic email marketing campaigns that also include personalized emails and automated follow-ups.

Features Of Vocus:

  • Integrate with Gmail & G Suite
  • Track email opens and link clicks
  • Automate follow-ups
  • Set reminders
  • Share templates with team members
  • Mail merge

Pros Of Vocus:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Intuitive design.
  • Light package.
  • Easy to import a spreadsheet of contacts.

Cons Of Vocus:

  • User interface is not ideal.
  • Got bugs.
  • Hangs a few times.
  • doesn't offer many options for pre-planning reach outs to customers.
  • browser extension sometimes seems to crash Gmail or not work at all.

Vocus Pricing Plan:

Vocus offers three pricing plans.

  • Basic: $5/month
  • Starter: $10/month
  • Professional: $20/month

All the plans can be evaluated with a 30-day free trial, without any credit card validation.

6. QuickMail

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QuickMail automates your personal email outreach for sales and marketing. It helps in building a predictable sales pipeline, reaching out to cold prospects by email in order to generate new leads. It contacts the right prospects each day following up with the ones who haven’t replied. With less cons, QuickMail is counted as one best Mailshake alternatives tool.

Features Of QuickMail:

  • Add inbox with own identity & control sending limits.
  • Work in teams.
  • Statistical analytics.
  • Email warm-up is available.
  • Inbox rotation.
  • A/B Testing.
  • Email personalization.
  • Cancel campaign replies for your colleagues.
  • Zapier integration available.

Pros Of QuickMail:

  • Enhances brand awareness.
  • Multiple mailbox management
  • flexible campaign orchestration
  • Greatly integrates with external tools (CRM, email validation etc).
  • The tool offers better email management.
  • Inbox rotation allows to use multiple inboxes for email campaigns.

Cons Of QuickMail:

  • Abysmal customer service.
  • No option to cancel the service and do not refund any money if canceled immediately after starting the service.
  • Schedules need to be set separately for different campaigns which is time consuming.

QuickMail Pricing Plan:

QuickMail offers three different pricing plans.

  • AutoWarmer Plan at $0/month.
  • Starter Plan at $59/month to send 500 emails per inbox per day with additional inbox at $35/month.
  • Pro Plan at $79/month to send 1,500 emails per inbox per day with additional inbox at $45/month.

7. Saleshandy

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Another Mailshake alternatives is Saleshandy. Saleshandy is an automated step for cold email community engagement. This is the process that allows you to send individually tailored cold email follow-ups. Saleshandy is a cold email tool that helps you scale your outbound campaigns through unlimited sending email accounts and unlimited email warm-up, resulting in maximum deliverability, increased domain reputation, more replies, and high ROI.

Features Of Saleshandy:

  • CRM Integration
  • Customized email sequence
  • Social Media Integration
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Email and Mobile Preview
  • Manage Email Lists
  • High-Volume Sending
  • Multi-user Account
  • A/B Testing
  • Analyze Open Rates, Link Activity, Attachment Activity
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Management

Pros Of Saleshandy:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Staging.
  • Auto follow up.
  • Easy to create templates.

Cons Of Saleshandy:

  • Customer service is very poor.
  • Most of the features are not available in V3
  • Saleshandy has lot of bugs
  • Email deliverability is also very poor
  • Limitation on activity view per month up to 15 for free.
  • Chrome app seems to have a glitch
  • It is expensive for the features

Saleshandy Pricing Plan:

There are 4 types of plans for Saleshandy.

  • Outreach Basic at $27/month
  • Outreach Pro at $79/month
  • And Outreach Scale at $150/month
  • Custom plan

8. Yesware

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Yesware is designed for sales teams that need to do email outreach at scale. If you're looking into more advanced enterprise software but still want something easy-to-use and accessible from within your inbox (or anywhere else), look no further than Yesware! You can track all of these features right inside Gmail with just one click-so there's never any worry about missing out on important information because it isn't always available online anymore like when we had databases before Excel or Lotus Notes were relevant anymore. Though Yesware is considered Mailshake alternatives but it has some cons that cannot be skipped.

Features Of Yesware:

  • Get real-time open and link click notifications.
  • Quickly follow up with personalized emails.
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns. Build pipeline with outbound campaigns.
  • Meeting Scheduler.
  • Email tracking
  • Auto-sync activity to Salesforce CRM.
  • Reporting & Analytics.
  • See when recipients view attachments.
  • View LinkedIn profiles from your inbox.

Pros Of Yesware:

  • Helps manage salesperson at sends email to customers
  • Data tracking.
  • Tracking notifications.
  • Boost Sales Team Effectiveness and Productivity.
  • Monitor the sales team’s performance quickly and conveniently
  • The software automatically syncs all customer and prospect engagement activity.
  • Cost-effective Solution to Monitor Email Open Rates

Cons Of Yesware:

  • Sometimes glitches show up thus making sending an email slower.
  • No ability to send campaigns or sequences.
  • Calendar schedule meeting feature is not easy to use
  • Sometimes the report is not accurate.
  • Occasionally templates don’t load quickly
  • You need to log out of the web browser occasionally because sometimes it will not work.
  • The timeliness of customer service isn't great.

Yesware Pricing Plan:

Yesware offers five pricing plans including a free plan.

  • Free at $0 month per user
  • Pro plan at $15 month per user
  • Premium at $35 month per user
  • Enterprise at $65 month per user
  • Custom Plan

9. Snov.io

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Snov.io is the perfect CRM for powerful cold outreach and efficient contact management. It helps to find more convertible leads, track your lead's progress, verify contacts, and automate cold outreach. It saves your sales team's time and improves your revenue using personalized automated outreach. Over 2000 integration options available.

Features Of Snov.io:

  • Bulk email verification
  • Campaign management
  • Calendar management
  • Drip campaigns
  • CRM
  • Activity tracking
  • Domain check
  • Email management
  • Lead generation and management
  • ROI Tracking
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Syntax Check
  • Task Management
  • Third Party Integrations

Pros Of Snov.io:

  • Easy to use email finder.
  • You can verify emails.
  • Tracks email click and open rate.
  • Has many email templates.
  • Drip campaign is available.

Cons Of Snov.io:

  • Bounced email can’t found on bounced section that causes inaccurate statistics.
  • A bit expensive for startup companies.
  • No analytics.
  • Gsuite and especially Outlook email accounts get disconnected serval times per day without any reason.
  • Poor sending rate.
  • Email verification accuracy levels are moderate not very good.
  • When First and Last name are not ambiguous or unavailable - search becomes difficult and hence inaccurate.

Snov.io Pricing Plan:

Snov.io offers four different plans.

  • Trial plan at $0
  • Starter plan at $39/month
  • Pro plan at $99/month
  • Custom plan at $999/month

10. Klenty

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Another tool that is Mailshake alternatives and that is Klenty. Implement cross-channel sales outreach with Klenty. Utilize calls as well as LinkedIn tasks to scale your follow-ups automatically while sending customized emails.

Features Of Klenty:

  • Email Cadences
  • Custom Domain Tracking
  • Reports
  • API
  • Zapier integration
  • Mail Merge
  • Email Validation
  • CRM Integrations
  • Website Tracking
  • Slack Integration
  • Video Personalization
  • Image Personalization
  • IP based Login Restrictions
  • Customer Success Review
  • Deliverability Reports

Pros Of Klenty:

  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Perfect integration with LinkedIn and contact management.
  • The UX/UI is very intuitive.
  • Customer support team is great.
  • Reports and cadences are the best performances.
  • Great flexibility to personalize outreach while still leveraging volume sending

Cons Of Klenty:

  • Problems with time zones, searches, and loading times.
  • UI is a little bit outdated.
  • Depending on number of seats, can get expensive for a larger team
  • Some of the integrations are a bit buggy.
  • Cannot have several accounts opened in several tabs at the same time
  • No Mobile App

Klenty Pricing Plan:

The Startup plan of Klenty starts from $50/month. You can go for the popular Growth plan by spending only $70/month. And the Enterprise plan would cost up to $140/month.

11. Salesloft

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Our last Mailshake alternatives tool is Salesloft. Salesloft is the perfect attempt to assist business owners who want to ensure a smooth marketing funnel in a centralized location. You can upload your leads, generate multi-channel marketing campaigns, and organize follow-up conferences and strategies on this platform.

There is a range of multi-channel devices that can help you determine the choices available and send SMS messages to Salesloft leads.

Features Of Salesloft:

  • Cadence and automation to guide sales process providing a streamlined platform for all interactions, including calls, emails, meetings, and more.
  • Tracking open and response rate available.
  • Can call or text potential buyers from any device.
  • Multi-channel engagement.
  • AI-based leads analysis.
  • You can sync your calendars for easy booking meetings.
  • Sales opportunity management available to find risky deals.
  • Deal intelligence will represent a complete analysis of your pipeline health.
  • Conversation intelligence will record and transcribe your audio and video call.

Pros Of Salesloft:

  • Sending emails as per the prospects’ time zone.
  • Tracking outreach.
  • Powerful email marketing solution enables users to create a workflow to create email templates for sales and share them with the entire team.
  • The Salesloft system combines emails and phones to track every communication activity in one single platform.

Cons Of Salesloft:

  • The user interface is not pretty.
  • You must import every contact from another platform (in my instance, Salesforce) in order to build cadences, and this is a time-consuming process.
  • There is no way to pause a single underperforming cadence; you must either completely remove it or pause all cadences.
  • Manually reset the cadence and re-customize an email when it bounces.
  • Customer support team is pretty unhelpful.
  • When lofting from Gmail, it occasionally produces duplicate data or fails to recognize a record.

Salesloft Pricing Plan:

SalesLoft offers two packages- Prospect and Enterprise. Both are custom plans. To know more about the pricing plan, you need to get in contact with the Salesloft team.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is Mailshake Used For?

Mailshake is a helpful tool for businesses and freelancers who are looking to find an effective way to reach out to leads, build relationships, and stay connected to their customers. It offers an email marketing automation tool, which allows users to save time by crafting powerful emails. It also provides tracking features like email open rates and click-through rates so users can have data-driven reports on their campaigns. But if you are looking for a great alternative tool, please read this blog from the top to find the one that meets your criteria.

Which One Is Better- Mailshake vs Mailchimp?

There is no specific answer to it. Though both the tools are similar but not the same. Their features and other aspects are different too. It is better to go through Mailshake vs Mailchimp blog to get an overview and choose your best tool.

Which One Is Better- Mailshake vs Lemlist?

Deciding between Mailshake and Lemlist can be a tricky venture. While these tools have similarities, their distinct features make them unique in their ways. For an informed comparison of the two services, check out our blog on the topic to differentiate between both!

What Is Mailshake Pricing?

Mailshake provides custom tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our two plans, Email Outreach at $58/month per user and Sales Engagement at $83/month per user are designed to meet the needs of different users. Additionally, the Agency plan is carefully crafted as per the team's requirements.