17 Lead Generation Strategies For Digital Marketing Agencies

Stuart Laurie
January 25, 2023

Lead generation strategies for digital marketing agencies are a must if you want to expand your business. This blog post represents 17 strategies to follow for digital marketing agencies.

From content marketing to leveraging social media, there are strategies that will help you drive qualified leads and maximize your ROI. With so many different methods of lead generation, it can be difficult to determine which approach works best for your business. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 17 lead generation strategies for maximum conversions. Keep reading to learn more.

How Effective Are Lead Generation Strategies For Digital Marketing Agencies?

Lead generation is a process that helps digital marketing agencies to find and attract potential customers who might be interested in their services. It is a way to create a list of people who might need the services offered by the agency. Lead generation strategies can be highly effective for digital marketing agencies.

Some of the most common and effective strategies include creating valuable content, utilizing search engine optimization (SEO), running paid advertising campaigns, and building and nurturing email lists. Additionally, social media marketing, influencer marketing and referral marketing can also be effective lead generation tactics. However, the most effective strategy will depend on the specific industry and target market of the agency.

lead generation strategies for digital marketing agencies

17 Lead Generation Strategies For Digital Marketing Agencies

Generating leads for your digital marketing agency requires a comprehensive strategy. With the right combination of the following 17 strategies, a digital marketing agency can have a successful lead generation process that will maximize conversions.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads are ads that show up on Google's search results page. They can help digital marketing agencies get more leads. To make an effective ad campaign, you need to know your target audience. Research keywords related to your business and find out which ones your customers use. Then, use options like location, language, demographics, and devices to show your ads to the right people. This will make your ads more relevant and increase the chances of people seeing them.

2. Blogging

A blog is a way to share information like news, product updates, helpful tips, and industry information. It helps to generate leads for digital marketing agencies and build relationships with potential customers. To make it appear in search engine results, use keywords throughout the post. Also, add a call-to-action at the end of the blog to encourage readers to do something. To increase visibility, you can promote the blog using email newsletters, social media posts and paid ads.

Pro Tip- To get more views for your blogs, make sure they appear perfectly on mobile devices. This will allow more users to easily access and view your content on any device.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a part of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a common strategy for lead generation. By optimizing your website with SEO, you can improve your website's visibility, increase web traffic, and drive more leads and sales.

For SEO to be effective, you need to do the following things -

  • Research keywords very carefully and select the best ones to target for your website.
  • Produce content that is optimized for search engines.
  • Optimize your webpages and social media pages as well.
  • Set up and monitor backlinks.
  • Update and maintain your website regularly.

4. Local SEO

Speaking of SEO, you may focus more on local SEO if your digital marketing agency is based in a specific region. This will work better to maximize conversions. Local SEO involves optimizing your website with local keywords. This helps you appear higher in local search results and attract more local customers.

By implementing the following strategies, you will be effectively use local SEO and reach potential leads in your area -

  • You should create location-specific pages on your website.
  • You must include localized keywords in your content.
  • Make sure your content gets listed in local directories.
  • You should build citations with local links.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and fast-loading.
  • Take advantage of local schema markup.
  • Improve your click-through rate to help you rank higher on search engine results pages.

5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A great way to build relationships with customers and prospects and share content with them is through Social Media Marketing, or SMM. This is a powerful tool for lead generation, which can be used to reach a large audience with minimal effort.

Here are some popular social media marketing spots -

  • LinkedIn Ads: This is an effective platform to target potential customers with specific interests. It is a great way to create brand awareness and drive website traffic.
  • Twitter Ads: You can target by geography, interests, or keywords. Twitter ads are a cost-effective way to get your message out to the right people and increase your lead generation potential.
  • Facebook Ads: Create custom audiences and retarget those who have already visited your website or interacted with your content. You can target by location, age, gender, and interests.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a good and cheap way for digital marketing companies to get leads. You can use tools and software to make personalized campaigns and reach specific people. Cold email software like SendFlock can help automate the lead generation process and make it more efficient. It can also help track customer behavior and create personalized campaigns. An engaging email can bring you more leads and sales. And SendFlock has all the features you need like follow-up sequence, unified inbox, and CRM etc.

7. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a strategy where satisfied customers promote your business through word-of-mouth. It is a cost-effective way of generating new leads. To do referral marketing, you can build relationships with influencers and ask them to refer their followers to your business. You can also offer incentives to customers who refer new leads. You can track the success of referral marketing by using referral-tracking links in emails or social media posts.

8. Content Marketing

For lead generation strategies for digital marketing agencies, another important strategy is content marketing. To build strong relationships with customers, you should give them valuable and interesting content. You can do this through different channels like blogs, emails, social media, and webinars. It's important to focus on quality content that is engaging and informative. Optimize your content for search engines to reach more people. Track the success of your content. Content marketing can drive more traffic to your website, increase sales and help establish your business as an expert in your industry.

Pro Tip- Don’t forget to promote them using social media and email campaigns. Promoting your content will help to get more eyes on it and increase its reach.

9. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC campaigns help advertise your products and services by targeting specific keywords and phrases. When someone searches for those keywords, your ad will appear in the "sponsored results" section. A good thing about PPC is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so you know your leads are interested in your products. You can also track how many leads become customers to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Creating effective PPC campaigns requires careful research and planning. Below are a few things you can follow for this -

  • Create compelling ads with relevant keywords.
  • Optimize your landing pages for maximum conversions.
  • Track your campaigns to ensure you are getting the most out of your budget.

10. Podcast Advertising

If you are running a digital marketing agency, this can be an interesting way to target your audience and grow your lead generation efforts. With its growing popularity, podcast advertising is seen as an essential part of digital marketing. When using podcast ads, choose the platform that is best suited to your target audience.

You should look for podcasts that are popular among your target demographic and create an ad that resonates with them. Also, use the analytics from your ad campaigns to identify which podcasts work best for your business. Podcast ads come in several forms, such as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.

  • Pre-roll ads- These are typically 15-30 seconds long and appear at the beginning of a podcast episode.
  • Mid-roll ads- These usually last between 60-120 seconds and appear at the midpoint of a podcast.
  • Post-roll ads- They usually last about 30 seconds and appear at the end of an episode.

11. Webinars

Webinars are good for getting leads. It works great as one of the lead generation strategies for digital marketing agencies. They let you talk to many people at the same time and teach them about something important. You can show them how good your services or products are and answer any questions they have. Promote your webinar on social media to make sure the right people see it. Give away discounts, free things, or special access to more information to get more people to join. If you do webinars a lot, people will see you as an expert in your field and may want to buy from you.

12. Gratifications or Giveaways

Giving away free stuff like discounts or trial periods can help a digital marketing agency get more customers. Providing rewards to current customers can make them more likely to come back. And promoting events can make the company more well-known and get more leads in the future.

13. eBooks

eBooks are a good way for marketers to share information and attract new customers. They can show their knowledge and expertise on a subject. When making an eBook, think about the audience and what they would find helpful. Share the eBook on different platforms and with other influencers to get more people to see it.

14. Utilizing Chatbots

Marketing automation helps businesses talk to their customers in a specific way. Chatbots are a big part of this. They can talk to customers automatically and help generate leads. To make chatbots work better, they should be tailored to each customer's interests, goals, and needs. Chatbots can also provide personalized customer service, answer questions, suggest products, etc. This helps the customer focus on important information and not get confused by hard words. This will lead to more successful leads and more sales.

15. Reports and Case Studies

Reports and case studies are good ways to get new customers for your digital marketing agency. They show people why they should choose your agency over others. Reports give information about the market, customers and competition. Case studies show how your agency helped other customers. When making reports and case studies, focus on how you helped customers reach their goals. You can give reports and case studies as downloads in exchange for contact information to get new leads. You can also use them in email and social media campaigns.

16. Community Groups

Building community groups is a good way to get leads and meet potential customers. Being in a community makes it easier to talk to people and make connections. Joining groups related to your business can help you meet new people and share information. This can lead to more leads and a better understanding of your industry. Keep in mind, by providing interesting and helpful content, you can make a steady flow of leads.

17. Infographics

Infographics are one of the most popular forms of visual content. They provide an engaging way to quickly convey complex information. This can help your business stand out from the competition. By creating infographics, you can capture attention with a visually appealing design, which is easy to understand and share.

To make your infographic effective, you need to determine the type of information you would like to include in your design. Maybe the following tips will help -

  • Your infographics should tell a story that your audience will be drawn to.
  • Utilize statistics, quotes, facts, or any other relevant data points.
  • Use visuals to represent this data in a clear and compelling way.
  • Include graphs, illustrations, and other elements to help illustrate the message.
  • Finally, add a call-to-action at the end to encourage viewers to take the desired action.

Final Thought

With a strong lead generation process in place, you can reach new heights in your digital marketing agency. There are many strategies available aside from the ones that we demonstrated in this post. Each one of these strategies can be used to increase sales in a few months. Always remember, every business is different and has its own needs. That is why experiment with different lead generation strategies to find the ones that work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Importance Of Lead Generation In Digital Marketing?

Lead generation is an important aspect of digital marketing as it helps businesses to identify and cultivate potential customers. By generating leads, businesses can create a pipeline of potential customers and increase their chances of converting them into paying clients.

Name Some Marketing Agency Lead Generation?

Some examples of marketing agency lead generation are: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, HubSpot, Leadfeeder, Leadpages, Ironpaper etc.

How To Buy Digital Marketing Leads?

Digital marketing leads can be purchased from lead generation companies or through online marketplaces. It's important to research the source of the leads and ensure that they are of high quality and relevant to your business.

How Can I Use Social Media To Generate Leads For My Agency?

Social media can be used to generate leads for an agency by creating engaging content, running social media ads, and interacting with potential leads. By building a strong social media presence, businesses can attract potential leads and convert them into paying clients.

How Can I Use SEO To Improve My Lead Generation Efforts?

SEO can be used to improve lead generation efforts by optimizing website content and structure, building backlinks and creating quality content. By improving website visibility on search engines, businesses can increase their chances of being discovered by potential leads.

How Can I Use Email Marketing To Nurture Leads And Convert Them Into Clients?

Email marketing can be used to nurture leads by providing valuable information, building relationships and staying in touch with potential customers. By providing relevant and timely information, businesses can increase the chances of converting leads into paying clients.