10 Best Personal Email Finder Tools In 2023 (Free + Paid)

Stuart Laurie
January 12, 2023

Are you looking for personal email finder tools to reach out to your prospects? Here are 10 best personal email finder tools for you.

If you're looking to connect with someone professionally, chances are that you'll need their email address at some point. But finding personal email addresses can be a challenge, especially if you don't have a direct connection to the person you're trying to reach. That's where personal email finder tools come in.

These tools use various methods to locate email addresses for individuals, helping you to make valuable connections and expand your professional network. In this blog post, we'll be introducing you to the 10 best personal email finder tools, highlighting their key features and how they can help you find the email addresses you need.

What Is An Email Finder Tool?

An email finder tool is a software application or online service that helps users locate email addresses for individuals or businesses. These tools use various methods to find email addresses, such as searching the internet, using data from social media profiles, or accessing publicly available information from company websites.

Email finder tools are commonly used by professionals to expand their network, recruit new employees, or connect with potential clients. Some email finder tools also offer verification services to ensure the accuracy of the email addresses they find. Overall, email finder tools are a valuable resource for anyone looking to connect with others via email.

What Are The Benefits Of The Email Finder Tool?

Email finder tools speed up the work of email marketing. But we have found out some of the main functions of this tool, that is-

  • Email finder tools can save you time by quickly locating email addresses.
  • Many email finder tools offer verification services to ensure the accuracy of the email addresses they find.
  • Email finder tools can help you connect with new people and expand your professional network.
  • Some email finder tools are specifically designed to help you find email addresses for hard-to-reach individuals.
  • Using an email finder tool can help you streamline your outreach efforts and improve the efficiency of your communication.
  • Some email finder tools also provide access to additional information about the individuals or businesses whose email addresses you are looking for, such as phone numbers or social media profiles.

But whatever it is, email is always important. The importance of email, especially in business communication, is undeniable. There are many contributors who want to invest in growing their business, for whom email outreach can be the greatest medium. All you need to do is scrape emails from their site and outreach them through the proper tools so that the mail reaches their right inbox.

10 Best Personal Email Finder Tools

We considered several factors when choosing email finder tools and here are the best 10 tools we tested. The factors we keep in mind are features, pricing, customer service, accuracy, and value for money. Let's dive in.

1. Hunter.io


Hunter.io is like an absolute monster to hunt email like a pro. When it comes to email verification, hunter.io seems to have no equal. It verifies about 95 percent of deliverable emails. It finds a site’s professional mail very easily, which is great for mail outreach.

Key Features

  • Find email addresses based on domain name or individual name.
  • Verification tool for checking the accuracy of email addresses.
  • API for integrating email finding.
  • Option to export search results to CSV files.
  • Unique Chrome extension.


  • Outreaches some old or expired mail.
  • Only accessed by professional or domain-based email.
  • Not suitable for personal use.
  • The data order of the excel sheet may be wrong sometime.


  • Free - $0
  • Starter - $49
  • Growth - $99
  • Pro - $199
  • Business - $399
Plans pricing Hunter 9832c36f02568daa3a9cded95c2e0891 800
Hunter.io Pricing Plan

2. Skrapp


It is a tool that allows you to scrape verified B2B emails. It not only uses open-source databases for email scraping but also has special algorithms that can determine the health of an email. This tool constantly sorts up-to-date emails and prevents messages from going to junk mail.


  • LinkedIn extensions.
  • Converts the emails related to that site to a .csv or excel sheet.
  • Secure client-side interaction with APIs.
  • It follows a company's email pattern.
  • Find email addresses based on the website or leads name.


  • Import incorrect email addresses.
  • Not suitable to find a single email.
  • Can’t recognize mid and small firms.
  • Weak email validator.


  • Starter Plan at $49/month.
  • Seeker plan at $99/month.
  • Enterprise plan at $199/month.
  • Global plan at $299/month.
Skrapp Pricing Plan

3. Prospect.io/Overloop


Overloop uses a powerful algorithm that is commonly used to find hidden emails from a site. Hidden emails are usually from senior executives of a company that plays a major role in investing in your business. Through this, the email is sent as if it is a reply to a previous email.


  • It allows importing contacts from LinkedIn.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Extract the email list into a .CSV format.
  • It connects to CRM and other apps through APIs.
  • Mixing with Cold emails and LinkedIn automation.
  • Multi-channel outbound platform.


  • Its cost is very high.
  • Click rates don't always seem accurate.
  • The campaign period can’t be extended beyond one month.
  • The search function is slow.
  • No email warm-up feature.


  • 250 credits for $39/month.
  • 500 credits for $59/month.
  • 1000 credits for $99/month.
  • 5,000 credits for $299/month.
  • 10,000 credits for $499/month.
Pricing Overloop 86af1344023ff67ed614f4667b17a9ba 800
Overloop Pricing Plan

4. LeadGibbon


LeadGibbon has the perfect web app and Chrome extension to scrape emails and outline them from LinkedIn. All new lead information is delivered based on location and industry. Once the email is collected, it automatically performs some verification, and when you pay and launch a campaign, you will get the option to verify your email. Its simple interface performs smoothly while using it.


  • Search emails by a prospect's name or domain name.
  • Pay only after getting the verified email.
  • Built-in email verifier.
  • LinkedIn Extension.
  • Extract leads directly in Google Sheets.
  • Complete lead data.


  • Low rate of finding correct emails.


  • Basic plan at $49/month with 250 emails and 25 phone numbers.
  • Pro plan at $99/month with 500 emails and 50 phone numbers.
  • Business plan at $199/month with 1250 emails and 125 phone numbers.
Pricing LeadGibbon 8e9e6c408376722a58871bfbfa0ff3de 800
LeadGibbon Pricing Plan

5. Snov.io


Snov.io has a reputation in the digital world as one of the best email finder tools. This tool is the best for finding, verifying, and reaching out to prospects' emails. It works especially well for searching business emails.


  • Search options, like prospects and domain name.
  • LinkedIn extension.
  • Extract prospect information.
  • Multiple campaigns can be run at the same time.
  • The warmup feature improves bounce email rates.
  • Can be integrated with different CRM and apps through API.


  • Bounced email can’t be found in the bounced section.
  • Show inaccurate statistics.
  • Doesn’t have a LinkedIn outreach system.
  • Sometimes proper email id is not available with domain-based email.
  • Collaboration among team members is discursive.


  • Trial plan with 150 credits at $0 per month.
  • Starter plan with 1000 credits at $30 per month.
  • Pro plan with 5000 credits $75 per month.
  • Custom plan at $999 per month.
Snov io Pricing e24e81f9dbcfe256b9f97b6fec466f4e 800
Snov.io Pricing Plan

6. GetEmail.io

GetEmail io d007953b5596ba5b29da6c13d57d79c2 800

GetEmail.io is a service that allows you to find the email addresses of people and businesses. It works by searching the web for publicly available information and using that data to generate a list of email addresses that may be associated with a person or business. You can use GetEmail.io to find the email address of someone you want to contact or to build a list of email addresses for marketing purposes.


  • Bulk Email Verification.
  • Catch-all Server Detection.
  • Domain Check.
  • Lead Capture.
  • Recipient Validation.
  • Single Email Verification.
  • Syntax Check.


  • Hard to log in as sometimes the account auto logs out without any reason.
  • Works only for LinkedIn.
  • Too little credits.
  • Many incorrect ids appear.
  • A bit expensive for starting companies.


  • Free plan at $0/month.
  • Basic plan at $49/month.
  • Standard plan at $99/month.
  • Premium plan at $149/month.
  • Ultra plan at $399/month.
GetEmail io pricing 281900dca9eeb7951e6ef06c9642a5b5 800
GetEmail.io Pricing Plan

7. VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert 4f58614ceeeb7f7b14fd9f7f975776d6 800

VoilaNorbert is a powerful online tool that helps individuals and businesses find email addresses and other contact information. It works by using advanced web scraping techniques to search the internet for publicly available data, and then utilizes proprietary algorithms to generate a list of accurate and up-to-date email addresses. With VoilaNorbert, you can easily find the contact information you need to connect with potential clients, partners, and other important contacts.


  • Find emails on domain and prospect search.
  • The verification process is much faster.
  • Has high delivery capabilities.
  • Email enricher.
  • LinkedIn extension.
  • Integration to real-time email findings.


  • The email verification function doesn’t work well.
  • Credits were charged for the blank email results in bulk uploads.


  • Valet plan at $49 per month.
  • Butler plan at $99 per month.
  • Advisor plan at $249 per month.
  • Counselor plan at $499 per month.
VoilaNorbert pricing 0e8ca6848282bfbd5708a4bc0a2bf4ba 800
VoilaNorbert Pricing Plan

8. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder 7a2d5706f507b6ecfea95c0cc91acda7 800

Anymail Finder is a cloud-based personal email finder and verifier tool that helps discover the real email addresses of any person at any company. The tool retrieves a list of email addresses based on job titles.


  • It uses a domain pattern-matched strategy.
  • Search emails by name, company, or job title.
  • Obtain email addresses from LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sources.
  • Email verification to ensure accuracy.
  • Integrate with popular CRM and API calls.


  • The UI is not user-friendly.
  • Sometimes there is no title in the mailbox.
  • The data it gives can be inaccurate when the bounce rate increases.


  • 20 verified emails for free.
  • 1000 verified emails at $49/month.
  • 5000 verified emails at $99/month.
  • 10,000 verified emails at $149/month.
  • 30,000 verified emails at $299/month.
Anymail Finder pricing fcbd412136a581861a7363298175e192 800
Anymail Finder Pricing Plan

9. RocketReach

RocketReach 56b0ee702dc381a0ff8231d07f417782 800

RocketReach is a cutting-edge technology platform that helps individuals and businesses find accurate and up-to-date contact information for the people and companies they want to reach. With its advanced search algorithms and extensive database of publicly available data, RocketReach makes it easy to find email addresses, phone numbers, and other key contact details in a matter of seconds. Whether you're looking to connect with a potential client, partner, or anyone else, RocketReach is the ultimate resource for finding the right contact information quickly and easily.


  • Integrate to large of CRMs.
  • Verify the lead list of LinkedIn.
  • Bulk lookups.
  • Chrome extension.
  • REST API technology.
  • Narrow down the list of the target audience through various search criteria.


  • It costs more to make the initial investment.
  • The company plans can only be billed yearly.
  • Sometimes it collects emails that never belonged to a certain company.
  • The database contains relatively old emails that are out-of-date.


RocketReach has three plans. Individual, Team and Enterprise plan. Here the Individual plan is given.

  • Essentials plan at $53/month.
  • Pro plan at $107/month.
  • Ultimate plan at $269/month.
RocketReach co Pricing 91e235d9f9b6bf2b901f3df2e3b52998 800
RocketReach Pricing Plan

10. ContactOut

ContactOut 0ebe8d4ba06e6409747d456418fcc31d 800

ContactOut is an awesome tool that helps you find the email addresses and phone numbers of professionals. It's a must-have for anyone in email marketing, as it allows you to easily build targeted lists of leads and reach out to them with personalized messages.


  • Serves an ATS plugin.
  • Different search portal.
  • Create a contact list with 20+ fields.
  • Connected with different CRM.
  • AI mail composition.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Export file in Google Sheets and .CSV format.


  • Their extension sometimes logs out on its own.
  • Problem with importing .csv files.
  • Can’t be run until logged in to LinkedIn account.
  • Sometimes provide fake emails.


  • Free plan at $0/month.
  • Personal plan at $29/month.
  • Sales plan at $99/month.
  • Recruiter plan at $199/month.
  • Team plan is customized.
ContactOut pricing 452eeb6db7fd90b0b36459f27e6f5ce8 800
ContactOut Pricing Plan

Personal email finder tools will help you find the emails only. You need to use an email service provider to reach out to them. And nothing can be better than SendFlock which can automate workflow and generate hyper-personalized cold emails. The tool also has automated follow-up sequence, unified inbox, and CRM. Thus an all-in-one sales machine.


10 best personal email finder tools offer a variety of features and capabilities to help users find and verify email addresses. These tools are useful for professionals who need to build contact lists, recruit employees, or reach out to potential clients. Some of the best personal email finder tools include Hunter.io, VoilaNorbert, GetEmail.io, Anymail Finder, and ContactOut.

It's important to compare the different options and choose the tool that best meets your needs and budget. Whether you're a small business owner, a recruiter, or a marketing professional, a personal email finder tool can be a valuable resource for connecting with others via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Free Email Finder Tools?

Free email finder tools are online platforms that allow users to search for and locate the email addresses of individuals or businesses. These tools typically use public records, social media profiles, and other sources to find and verify email addresses. They are useful for professionals who need to build contact lists, recruit employees, or reach out to potential clients. Many free email finder tools also offer additional features, such as the ability to search for phone numbers or social media profiles, for a fee. Some of the free tools are- Hunter.io, Snov.io, GetEmail.io, Anymail Finder, and ContactOut.
Keep in mind that these tools may vary in terms of the features they offer and the accuracy of the results they provide. It's always a good idea to do your own research and compare different options before deciding on a free email finder tool.

What Is The Best Email Finder Tools Chrome Extension?

Of all the free email finder tools we've talked about, Snov.io is the best, and its Chrome extension is also very good. It has several different features that make it unique compared to others. Its extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store. Adding is simple, and if you have an account on Hunter.io, you can simply click on the extension and sign in to activate it.

Tools For Personal Email Finder By Name

Just by entering the tool's site and entering the desired prospect's name and company's name, their email is pulled up. Leadgibbon.com can be considered an example of this. In fact, almost all tools now use name and domain name to search for emails, which saves the user time and allows them to reach out to more potential customers through cold email outreach.

What Are Free Email Finder Tools For LinkedIn?

LeadGibbon, Snov.io, AnymailFinder, and Overloop can scrape emails from LinkedIn in one click. Searching mail from LinkedIn is also possible with a Chrome extension. Just go to the prospect's site and click on the extension to get complete details about it.